Prepping for Doomsday: A $90,000 Stockpile, Closed Bunker Door – Why This Prepper Excludes Even Family When Disaster Strikes

Doomsday prepper Rowan MacKenzie prepares for chaos, with her bunker door closed to all. $90,000 stockpile secures family safety.
inside the doomsday prepper bunker, where she has stockpile $90,000 worth of food.

Rowan MacKenzie, a woman who has garnered attention for constructing her doomsday bunker, firmly asserts that its entrance will remain shut to everyone outside her home, family included.

According to Rowan, “hard times call for hard knocks,” justifying her decision. The 38-year-old, anticipating an impending apocalypse, began her preparations 13 years ago by stocking up on essential items like beans and rice.

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the doomsday prepper Rowan MacKenzie from US who has stockpile $90,000 worth of food in her basement.
Rowan MacKenzie. (Picture: Jam Press)

Over time, she invested over $10,000 (£8,000) in transforming her basement into an underground space, storing food, water, and defense weaponry.

Amidst global uncertainties, including wars, economic strains, and the potential for extraterrestrial threats, this dedicated “prepper” has taken additional measures, accumulating a stockpile exceeding $90,000 (£70,000).

Rowan shared, “I’m preparing, as a whole, for war, inflation, nuclear disaster, and all out chaos,” emphasizing the breadth of her readiness for various catastrophic scenarios.

Rowan, addressing the significant rise in prices, highlights the need for comprehensive preparedness for any potential disaster. Asserting her commitment to self-sufficiency, she expresses her reluctance to open her bunker door to anyone, even family members, emphasizing the harsh reality of hard times.

Rowan, based in the US, underscores the longevity of her stockpile, which she expects to last for another 25 years, thanks to her meticulous rotation system that minimizes wastage. With the new year underway, this mother of three shares essential tips for others considering preparedness.

inside the doomsday prepper bunker, where she has stockpile $90,000 worth of food.
Rowan’s food stock. (Picture: Jam Press)

According to Rowan, water storage and filtration are paramount, categorizing them as essential items to stock up on. Additionally, she stresses the importance of overlooked aspects like food and medical supplies, which she believes are crucial elements often underestimated but vital in averting potential disasters.

Rowan remains resolute in her prepping philosophy, stating, “I never regret any of my purchases, and the thing with prepping is that even the most useless items will be a blessing when it’s needed and not accessible.”

Her belief in the value of preparation extends to the idea that having more than necessary is preferable to facing scarcity later on. Despite facing criticism, Rowan is undeterred, asserting, “It’s better to have more than you need than to need it later and not have it.”

inside the doomsday prepper bunker, where she has stockpile $90,000 worth of food.
Rowan’s food stock. (Picture: Jam Press)

Acknowledging varying perspectives on her prepping endeavors, Rowan shares, “I have a lot of backlash from people who think that what I’m doing is useless and not essential.” She details experiencing negative reactions and being subjected to derogatory labels.

Despite initial hurt feelings, Rowan has developed resilience, stating, “At first, it hurt my feelings, but now, I don’t let it bother me.” Her ability to cope with criticism and maintain focus on her preparedness goals highlights her commitment to the importance of being ready for unforeseen challenges.

Rowan’s husband, Matt Bradley, 38, emphasizes their shared commitment, stating, “I love that we are like-minded when it comes to being prepared, as two heads are better than one.”

inside the doomsday prepper bunker, where she has stockpile $90,000 worth of food.
Rowan’s food stock. (Picture: Jam Press)

The unity in their preparedness efforts is evident in their joint dedication to readiness. Her son, Ashton Varney, 21, observes his parents’ passionate pursuit of preparedness, saying, “I just sit back and watch my parents sometimes go batty trying to find this or that to add to the bunker.” Despite the challenges, he appreciates the valuable lessons on life-saving skills.

Rowan expresses confidence in her actions, noting, “I know what I’m doing is important to me, and I have over 80,000 people who also agree.”

Her awareness of a supportive community aligns with her commitment to preparedness. She empathizes with those who may not comprehend the gravity of current circumstances, expressing concern, “I feel bad for the people who don’t understand what is actually going on around them right now, and I fear that because they choose to ignore it, they may not make it for long when something happens.” This underlines her belief in the critical importance of preparedness in the face of potential challenges.

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