VIDEO: Moment brave mum saves toddler from savage dog attack

A brave mother shields her toddler from a vicious dog attack, captured on CCTV. The family was returning home in Delhi, India, when the dogs pounced.
A brave mother saved her toddle from a savage dog attack captured on CCTV in Vishwas Nagar, in Delhi, India.

A brave mother saved her toddler son from a savage dog attack.

The horror moment was captured on CCTV.

It shows her holding her son in her arms as the first dog runs over and appears to start biting his lower leg.

She is seen pulling him away as the mutt refuses to let go.

The young lad falls to the ground and his mother scoops him in her arms and tries to shield him from another attack.

She then falls to the ground and uses her body to protect her son from the relentless canine.

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A woman, apparently the dog’s owner, is seen restraining the dog as the boy’s father Tanuj Narang bends down to pick him up.

At that point, another dog runs over and apparently tries to bite the two-year-old boy.

The family then manages to enter their gated property and close the door behind them.

The attack happened in Vishwas Nagar, in Delhi, India.

Narang reported the incident to the police.

He said his wife and child had just returned home from a religious service when the dogs pounced.

He also stated that his son sustained injuries as a result of the dog attacks.

Narang filed a complaint against his neighbours Sunil and Asha Gaur who own the aggressive dogs, according to reports.

They face charges of negligence and causing harm by endangering the child’s life.

The investigation is ongoing.

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