Former Miss Universe swaps catwalk for church pulpit


An ex-Miss Universe has swapped the catwalk for a church pulpit.

Dayana Mendoza won the beauty pageant in 2008.

She became the first winner from Venezuela since Alicia Machado in 12 years.

She also took part in Celebrity Apprentice alongside Donald Trump in 2012.

She was also signed with his Trump Model Management firm.

But the 37-year-old was baptized under the evangelical Christian religion three-and-a-half years ago.

At the time, she publicly announced her decision to leave the modelling world to dedicate herself to serving God.

The ex-Miss Universe was baptized in 2020 (Photo: Jam Press)

Dayana now preaches at a church in New York.

She said her modelling career was waning and her marriage had ended, prompting her to feel that her life had “fallen apart.”

She dropped to her knees and asked God to “take control”, claiming she could feel his divine hand leading her towards her true path.

The former beauty queen said: “My marriage failed, my modelling career did not fulfil me.

“And did not identify with me, nothing, I was desperate, nothing was going well.

“That was when I knelt down and surrendered myself. I asked God to take control.

“And I saw his powerful hand guiding me, helping me find the right path.

Dayana shares religious content on Instagram where she has 1.9 million followers (Photo: Jam Press)

“I listened to a pastor and from the first moment he spoke, it was like God saying it to me.

“Like he was answering all the questions I had at that moment.

“I began to feel peace, my house had changed.”

Today, Dayana shares religious content on Instagram where she boasts 1.9 million devoted followers.

The pastor also has 16,000 subscribers on her religious-themed YouTube channel.

Many clips show her preaching in Spanish at churches all over the US.

In her most recent video, she said: “God’s fidelity is great. His love and mercy, infinite.

“There is no one like Jehovah.”

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