‘I love being naked – doing yoga in the buff makes me feel confident,’ says model, 32


A model has revealed the secret to her trim figure and body confidence: doing yoga in the buff.

Chloe Amour has a horde of admirers online who are frequently treated to saucy snaps of the ‘real life Pretty Woman’ – who confidently poses for her 2.1m fans (@realchloeamour ).

Men are so enthralled by her appearance that they will reportedly take the influencer on shopping sprees and let her splash their cash on anything she wants.

Despite showering in the attention of being a model, Chloe has struggled with body images issues.

But the 32-year-old has shared how naked yoga helps empower her and she now loves every part of her body.

And the saucy activity has left users with their mouths agape.

“I absolutely love nude yoga – it’s so freeing,” Chloe, from Los Angeles, US, told NudePR.

“Practicing naked has empowered me, I always feel so accomplished afterwards.

“I first took up yoga because I thought it would be fun to and I was curious to see how flexible I could be.

“It is challenging for both my mind and body.

“And doing it nude gives it more of an artistic feeling.

“I do it both alone and with others.”

Chloe might have men sliding into her DMs on a daily basis but has previously spoken about how, despite being a model, she also suffers with body image issues.

So much so, that she used to hide her frame in big jumpers to avoid looks from others.

She said: “I may be a model but I have body issues just like other women.

“When I started out, I didn’t have a six-pack and wasn’t toned, and dropped down to a double zero.

“My boobs and butt were proportionate but I was just really tiny, with my face looking hollow.

“My body has changed since but even now, I’ll sometimes hide behind big jumpers, if I feel particularly self-conscious.

“I sometimes struggle to love my body but I have accepted that no one is perfect.

“You should try to love yourself, as others see you as beautiful.”

Chloe first tried naked hot yoga as part of a Playboy TV photo shoot and has been hooked ever since.

Practising in a private studio with four other women, she experienced a massive confidence boost.

She said: “Naked yoga is very personal.

“And back then I’d only done yoga with clothes on, so I worried about how I would handle being nude in a room with other women.

“It was really warm so the heat made the practice more challenging but really rewarding.

“It helped strengthen my body and I also become more comfortable in my own skin.

“Naked yoga has helped me fall back in love with my body.”

Chloe now recommends naked yoga to everyone, but understands that it might feel awkward for some people.

To help others along, she has shared some of her top tips, too.

She said: “Start off clothed first.

“That way, when you strip down, you will already have confidence in your yoga experience and that will distract your mind so you aren’t as conscious of being naked.

“Yoga connects our mind, body and spirit.

“Doing it nude is just a bonus to be one with oneself and promote body positivity.

“You can see the way your body moves and contracts.

“It’s pretty liberating.”

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