Early Predictions for 2024/25 Major Football Competitions

Predictions for upcoming football season’s major titles – Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup & Championship. Will they hit the mark or miss?
Predictions for upcoming football season's major titles - Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup & Championship. Will they hit the mark or miss?

As the footballing season comes to a close we can look at all the early predictions people made we can laugh or congratulate depending on the circumstances. Sometimes a prediction made early in the season can seem crazy and far-fetched and end up being true and that’s what we are hoping for with our predictions. The ground rules here are what we class as a major, we are going to talk about the Premier League, the Champions League, the FA Cup and the Championship. So hopefully when we look back in a year’s time we can see how well we did, or how terribly. 

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The Premier League Winners

One of the easiest things I could do here is predict Manchester City to win the Premier League and end the page but I genuinely believe that this might be the end of City’s reign. I think next year will be a big season for a lot of teams, Klopp will gone, Arteta will have some slight pressure to deliver, Ten Hag could be gone, Tuchel could be in and Pochettino could have Chelsea playing how he wants. 

So predicting could be a challenge but we think that this is Arsenal’s best chance to win the big one after 20+ years of waiting, City could be off their 4th successive Premier League title and could have lost that motivation and Liverpool will be on a rebuild. This should be the year Arteta and Arsenal win the league and I’m sure if you look at today’s football betting Arsenal will be at the lowest odds and the obvious favourites. 

The Championship Winners

It feels like all the newly promoted teams will be going straight back down and sadly we think Sheffield United will be taking a big hit as they fall because of charges that the English league have against them, similar to Nottingham Forest and Leicester. 

However, Burnley and Luton could be right back up if they play it right. It feels like Burnely has found how to play in the Premier League recently and if they go up again they have a good chance of staying up, we think Burnley sticking by Kompany was a great move and if he starts the new season as Burnley’s manager they will go straight back up alongside Southampton. Hopefully, Luton join these two back in the Premier League and they use the parachute payments to their advantage and get some good signings. 

The FA Cup Winners

Personally, this feels like the hardest one to predict, over the last two years the final has been the exact same which is really unpredictable, so maybe they will do the trifecta and have three Manchester Derbies in a row. As much as that would be some form of conspiracy, I can’t see this happening. We can also look back at older seasons where teams like Watford entered the final and WIgan won the whole thing and maybe I could predict something outlandish. Unfortunately, I am going to go for a slightly boring answer and pick Tottenham Hotspur, I think they will be looking to finally end their curse and win a trophy and next season could be the one for them. 

The Champions League Winners

Usually when we look at the potential finalists we look between 4 names, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool and Bayern Munich. But this year, Borussia Dortmund made it to the final to a massive shock, so maybe something like this will happen next year. If we are being honest, it is very unlikely, personally I think that Manchester City will beat PSG in the final, I think them losing Mbappe could make people think they will never reach that height again and they will but Manchester City will beat them in the final. Hopefully, we have got them all correct but it will be challenging we could look this time next year and I could look completely wrong, fingers are crossed it’s the first one. 

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