Explorer discovers abandoned ‘£3m mansion’ left to rot – with mystery PIT hidden in basement

An abandoned mansion has been discovered – complete with a mystery suede pit hidden in the basement.

An abandoned mansion has been discovered – complete with a mystery suede pit hidden in the basement.

Professional urban explorer Dave, better known as Freaktography online, where he has 83,800 followers on YouTube, stumbled upon the property in an otherwise affluent area and estimates that it could be worth £3m ($5m CAD).

And despite having been left to rot, the home is still quite stunning but has some bizarre details.

The ornate double door opens into an extended hallway before turning onto a large living room featuring a fireplace and, oddly, a lone lawnmower sitting in the centre of the room.

The shallow pit lined with suede fabric (Credits: Jam Press)

One of the bathrooms contains splatters of what appears to be blood over the sink, mirror and floor.

“I explored this stunning abandoned property, showcasing its beauty and forgotten glory,” Dave told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“The solarium was nice and well-lit, nice and bright”

“There was water damage coming through the ceiling.

“The home will be a tear down with a new-build replacing it on a space up to 6,000 square feet.

A lone lawnmower was oddly placed in the centre of the living room (Credits: Jam Press)

“The home across the street from this one is 9,000 square feet and sold for $10,000,000 in 2021.”

The property is located in the Greater Toronto area in Canada.

Upon exploring the home, Dave discovered a solarium, swimming pool, walk-in wardrobe and a library.

Off the basement, there is also a hidden room with only a shallow pit, lined with suede fabric.

It is unknown what the pit was used for, with Dave speculating it may have been a playpen for children.

Sharing his findings on YouTube, the tour of the property has over 3,500 views so far.

One viewer said: “That sunken area is a conversation pit. Popular in the 60s and 70s.”

Susan commented: “Guess the carpeting got tall, so they had to take care of it with the lawnmower, lol.” [sic]

The swimming pool (Credits: Jam Press)

“Hot tub area in basement is my guess,” suggested someone else.

“That house seems awfully dated for the ‘price point.’ I think it’s a strange layout and mix of details. Some rooms don’t appear to have much natural light. Overall really rather cramped and the weird room downstairs a puzzle,” Suzanne wrote.

Will added: “It is worth watching very surprised that looters have not come in destroy the mansion.” [sic]


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