Poor dog who was so fat he could barely walk has shed 10kg – after being saved by cops

He weighed the same as a three-month pig

A poor dog who was so fat he could barely walk has shed 10kg (1st 5oz) – after being taken in by cops.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier – called Ziggy – had been locked in a cupboard by his owner.

His claws were also growing into his pad pads.

Police were called out to the house where he lived.

But then officers spotted Ziggy – who weighed 45kg (7st).

Ziggy was not in a good state when found by cops (Credit: Jam Press)

They took him to the police station before eventually passing him over to dog rehomers.

Ziggy was found in Worksop, Nottinghamshire in August last year.

Eight-year-old Ziggy’s weight dropped to 35kg (5st 5oz).

He now has a new owner.

A spokesman for Nottingham Police said: “A dog who was found in an extremely bad state with his claws growing into his paw pads has found his forever home.

“Police had attended a separate incident but while on the scene spotted an extremely overweight Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who could barely walk.

He is now able to run around thanks to the needed health kick (Credit: Jam Press)

“Refusing to leave him in that state, the officers stepped in and spoke with Ziggy’s owners.

“It was decided they couldn’t give him the care and attention he needed – resulting in them allowing the police to take him and help find his forever home.

“Taking Ziggy to Worksop police station officers and staff looked after him and tried to help him get back on all four paws – even using the lift so he could go outside.

“A year later eight-year-old Ziggy has now lost an amazing amount of weight and is back on his paws bounding through fields.

“Our officers don’t just care about keeping people safe but animals too.

“Thanks to the work of the response officers for stepping in, Ziggy is now living his best life in a loving home with his new owners.”

Ziggy taking a breather in the grass while out for a walk (Credit: Jam Press)

A Page’s Pet Rescue spokesperson said: “Ziggy came to Page’s Pet Rescue in August 2022.

“He’d been signed over to the police as he was being neglected, he was locked in a cupboard.

“The police contacted our rescue and he was then signed over to us.

“Ziggy weighed a massive 45kg when he came to us.

“He has since lost over 10kg.”

Locals have praised the police for their care.

Sarah Gage said: “Thank you for rescuing him. He looks so happy.”

Joanne Senior said: “Lovely to see him go from that poor state to absolutely thriving.”

Alison Causer said: “Ziggy is living the life he deserves.

“Well done to the officers concerned.

“What a difference you’ve made to this dog’s life.”

Maggie Rothwell said: “That’s wonderful.”

Nicola Hayes joked: “Can you take me in and help me to lose a bit of weight?”

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