Here we escar-go-t! Snails served with celery as half time snack slammed by football fans


Snails served with celery as a half time snack have been slammed by football fans.

The bizarre dish of 10 of the shelled critters also comes served with white wine vinegar.

It is being sold at a Belgian Pro League club RWD Molenbeek’s Edmond Machtens Stadium, in Brussels.

Ex-Premier League stars Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertoghen play in the division for Royal Antwerp and Anderlecht respectively.

Molenbeek’s Edmond Machtens Stadium, in Brussels where snails are served up at half-time (Credit: Jam Press)

Snails – or escargot by their French name – are popular in the two countries.

But supporters have turned their nose up at the dish which costs £4.30 (€5)

A Liverpool follower – called Kevin – joked: “Some dude just sneezed in a cup.”

One Spurs fan – called Alan – fumed: “Why?

“Why in God’s name would someone buy that?”

Another – named Paul – added: “I’d be paying €5 to keep it away from me.”

Fans turn their noses up at the bizarre grub (Credit: Jam Press)

Another added: “That’s some kind of witch’s potion I think.”

Southampton fan Martin said: “Should be relegated and placed into administration immediately.”

The snails come with a tiny chip shop-style cutlery to eat them with.

Robert Connon  said: “That fork doesn’t look up to the task.”

Yet Clive Bowman added: “I would give it a go.”

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