Loving dad builds ‘UFO car’ for young daughter’s birthday


A loving dad has built a UFO shaped car for his five-year-old daughter’s birthday.

Daniel Garino Suárez built the roadworthy vehicle from an old Yamaha Jog scooter and aluminium baking trays and steel panels.

The caring dad, who works as a mechanic, said it took five months to build with a budget of “nearly zero.”

He needed to have the UFO car ready for Sunday (5 Nov), the day of his daughter’s birthday.

He said: “After some experimental tests, I was able to make it fully functional.”

The young girl thought her alien-themed pressie was out of this world.

Proud Daniel – who drives it – said: “She went crazy.”

Meanwhile, the saucer-shaped vehicle has since been popular with locals in Laboulaye, west of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they live.

The dad said: “Everyone in town stops to look.

“And I drive slowly, nearly at a walking pace.”

He also said that he took “all necessary precautions” to make the vehicle “roadworthy according to the current traffic regulations”.

Daniel explained that his daughter’s interest in extraterrestrials was piqued during a family trip to the mountainous tourist spot Capilla del Monte.

Multiple alleged UFO sightings have taken place at the mountain site.

The dad said: “Ever since that trip, she has become crazy about aliens and UFOs.”

Daniel has shared several videos of his daughter’s UFO car on social media, garnering thousands of views and hundreds of comments.

One local said: “Congratulations, a true work of art.”

Daniel said: “I love it buddy. Congratulations, you always have very creative inventions.”

José wrote: “Many congratulations Daniel, it was very nice. And I saw the whole construction process. Big hug.”

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