Feline intervention! Cat plummets from ceiling in middle of church service


A cat plummeted from a church ceiling as a choir sang in the middle of a service.

The 15 men and women were on a stage when the moggy suddenly plunged amongst them.

Some of the group appeared shocked by the black and white puss’s appearance.

The scared cat then scarpered off and appeared unhurt.

But it was a case of the show must go on, as other choir members carried on singing.

The moggy dropped into the service on Sunday (12 Nov).

It took place at the Assembly of God Evangelical Church in Pinhais, south west of São Paulo, Brazil.

One local, named Joshua, said: “The kitten is doing well.”

Another added: “I wouldn’t be able to carry on singing, I would cry laughing.”

Danielle said: “Angels falling from the heavens in the form of kittens.”

Most choir members carried on singing (Photo: Jam Press)

Maria added: “The best thing is that people keep singing as if nothing happened.”

Abigail remarked: “If it wasn’t filmed, no one would believe it.”

Caty commented: “I watched it 20 times just to see everyone’s reaction.”

It is unknown where the cat came from and why it was in the ceiling.

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