Influencer slammed for bizarre video showing her hooked up to ‘handbag drip’


An influencer has posted a bizarre video showing her hooked up to a “handbag drip”.

Giulia Nati shared the baffling clip with her one million Instagram followers.

The Reel, which has been watched two million times, shows Giulia lying in bed with an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose.

A tube connects her arm to a Hermès luxury handbag as if it were an IV drip.

Seven more pricey Hermès bags can be seen on her bedside table.

A beeping sound can be heard in the background as if it were a vital signs monitor.

Giulia, 32, wrote next to the clip: “I need a new wish.”

But many of her fans weren’t amused.

Former Grande Fratello star Carolina Marconi commented: “As a former oncology patient, this image doesn’t make me laugh.

“On the contrary, I find it very sad.

“I would take you for a walk in these wards to make you really understand the conditions these poor people are in.

“Then let’s see how you feel about publishing something like this.”

Giulia Nati posing with the bag in question (Picture: Jam Press)

Giulia replied to Carolina: “Hi, Carolina, you know that we can talk privately.

“And you know how much I respect you as a woman for your strength.

“My mother-in-law’s experiencing the same illness every day, I’m experiencing it first-hand.

“But that’s beside the point. It was just a light-hearted video. That’s all! Sending you a hug.”

DJ Ringo replied to Giulia’s caption: “Lobotomy and yes.”

Giulia Nati with another high-end handbag (Picture: Jam Press)

Giulia remained defiant and kept the Reel up.

She wrote in a Story: “The video has received likes from 17,000 people.

“Below the video, there are 2,700 comments, including 2,000 insults and 700 people who understood the purpose of the video itself.

“So, 17,000 plus 700 equals 17,700 people who approve of the video, as opposed to 2,000 who don’t.”

Giulia is from Viareggio, Italy, and calls herself a “fashion designer and digital entrepreneur”.

She has two kids named Hermes – like the bags – and Kelly with hubby Christian Bruschi.

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