Football fan explains what happens in match to blind pal in heartwarming moment


A football fan explained what was happening in a match to his blind pal as they sat in the stadium in a heartwarming moment.

Marcos Otero and Juan David Pérez first met when they both ran to be councillors in their hometown.

Marcos, who helps his blind friend to enjoy live football games, explained: “There was this synergy, a connection.

“Not only did political work bring us together, we were also united by a social cause to help vulnerable populations.”

They’re both avid supporters of Colombian top-flight side Atlético Bucaramanga.

They regularly attend live matches at the Alfonso López Stadium in Bucaramanga.

The clip shows Marcos sitting behind Juan in the stands as he illustrates the different footballing moves on his back with his fingers.

Juan’s back apparently acts as the full pitch and Marcos lets him know where the players are while also providing verbal commentary.

The clip touched the hearts of many football fans around the country.

One local said: “Not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend like this.”

Another said: “Excellent Marcos Otero, such a beautiful story.”

Juan David Pérez (Photo: Jam Press)

Andrey wrote: “This should be nominated for Best Video.”

The home game against Millonarios took place on 29 January and ended 0-0.

After the clip went viral, Marcos said: “A message is circulating and that is what we want.

“True inclusion does exist.

“With small adjustments, reasonably obviously, we can all be on an equal footing, living and feeling the passion for a universal sport that excites all of us.”

Juan told local media: “It’s a reasonable adjustment process, allowing a person with a disability to experience a situation on equal terms.”

Marcos Otero (Photo: Jam Press)

The friends first started using touch to follow a live game during the World Blind Football Championships in 2018.

Over the years, Marcos and Juan have perfected the technique, which has since helped other blind people understand football games in real-time.

Juan began to lose his vision as a young boy due to being born prematurely.

He went completely blind from the age of 12, but the disability never affected his love for football.

He plays for the men’s Blind Football national team of Colombia.

Juan first took up the Paralympic sport when he was 17.

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