VIDEO: Man plunges to ground from plane as staff remove stairs

A man fell from an open plane door at Jakarta Airport when colleagues removed the stairs just before he stepped off, causing him to plunge several feet. The incident, caught on video.
A ground staffer's mishap at Jakarta Airport, falling from an open plane door after stairs were removed, highlights a dangerous lapse in procedure.

A man plunged to the ground from an open plane door when his colleagues removed the stairs just before he stepped off.

Footage filmed from the tarmac shows how the ground staffer steps backwards out of the passenger exit.

However, he is unaware that the movable stairs have been wheeled away from the plane just seconds earlier.

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With his back to the exit, he places a foot outside the aircraft – likely expecting the stairs to be there – and immediately plunges a distance several times his height.

The papers he is holding leave his grip and scatter in the air as he lands on the hard ground with a thud.

His colleagues pushing the stairs turn around to see what has happened.

The blunder took place at Jakarta Airport, Indonesia, during the turnaround of a TransNusa Airbus A320, as reported on Need to Know.

The footage was posted to social media on Wednesday (15 May), quickly racking up more than a million views.

The ground staff allegedly broke basic rules because they removed the airstair while the plane door was still open.

According to reports, the injured worker was taken to hospital, where he is being treated for broken bones.

His injuries are not life-threatening.

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