Bar in a resort popular with Brits slammed for advertising 400 vodka shots for £110


A bar in a resort popular with Brit holidaymakers and ex-pats has been slammed for advertising 400 shots of vodka for just £110.

The Beggars Inn Pub is offering the “crazy” deal on a board outside.

The boozer sells a vodka and Coke for £3.85 (€4.50) or a pint of vodka for just £4.25 (€5).

But also on the sign outside reads: “400 vodka shots €129.90” which works out at £110.

The pub is in St Julian’s in Malta where thousands of Brits head each year on holiday.

It is also the home to about 5,000 expats.

The cheap-booze created quite a stir online with some slamming the bar and others left in awe.

The Beggars Inn pub in Malta (Credit Jam Press)

Jack Waddington said: “€130 is an expensive way to kick the bucket I guess.”

Glen Macleod agreed, adding: “It’s actually crazy.”

Laura Chiverton joked: “Does it taste like paint stripper?”

Keith Robinson added: “400 vodka shots, that’s 17 bottles of vodka.”

Ed Grundy said: “That place gets very busy, just across the road from a great restaurant.

“It certainly attracts the younger holidaymakers, and most stand in the street.”

Another called Taylor added: “It was absolutely disgusting, in there last night.

“Dread to think of the state when English are actually in town.”

A social media user comments on the Beggars Inn pub in Malta’s drinks prices (Credit Jam Press)

However, others were ready to jet off after seeing this crazy deal.

Matt Astbury said: “Setting the tone ahead of a daft weekend.”

Eddie Richards added: “Going to be a rough do, we fly out tomorrow morning.

“Seen a lot of places with these prices.”

Lewis Mcleish said: “Just over 30 pence a vodka shot, next boys holiday confirmed.”

It comes as Majorca and Ibiza are cracking down on holidaying Brits’ rowdy behaviour.

The Beggars Inn Pub has been approached for comment.

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