Model permanently changes eye colour from brown to blue


A model has changed her eye colour after surgery.

Layyons Valença has switched the hue of her peepers from brown to blue.

Medics warn that the surgery, which is called keratopigmentation, is not risk-free.

It uses a laser to apply a pigment in the cornea through a circular micro-tunnel, which covers the natural darker colour of the eyes.

Experts also say it leaves you sensitive to light and can make future eye ops difficult.

Layyons Valença before changing her eye colour with surgery (Picture: Jam Press)

Layyons revealed: “With my brown eyes, which is my natural colour, I didn’t identify with myself.

“I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror.”

The 24-year-old used coloured contact lenses before deciding to permanently change her eye colour.

The Brazilian model said: “I opted for the surgery because I wasn’t taking proper care.

“I wanted to sleep wearing contacts, so I did. So, on several occasions, I got infections.

“That’s when I really said, ‘I need to change the colour of my eyes.’”

The model used to use coloured contact lenses (Picture: Jam Press)

Layyons, who lives in Geneva, Switzerland, had the op done at an ophthalmic clinic in nearby Lausanne.

It set her back 8,000 CHF (£7,200).

She told Brazilian media: “If someone asks me, I say, ‘They’re my eyes.’

“I bought them, they’re mine. I’m happy, I feel fulfilled, I feel really good.

“My self-esteem has changed a lot.”

Layyons says the results have changed her self-esteem (Picture: Jam Press)

But she must now take great care after the half-hour procedure.

She said: “For the first three months, you are very sensitive to light. And after that, it passes.

“Sometimes I put in a few drops to hydrate the eye. I also wear sunglasses frequently.”

Since getting the op done, Layyons says people have called her new eyes “ugly” and “artificial”.

But others have told her the results look great.

Changing eye colour for purely cosmetic reasons is banned in many places, including the model’s native Brazil.

Expert Wilma Lelis told Brazilian media: “This pigmentation, once it sets, will hinder visualisation of the eye when the patient needs surgery.

“So, if they need cataract surgery, which is the most common surgery, they’ll have a very difficult time accessing that eye.”

She added: “If you want to change the colour of your eyes, use contact lenses.”

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