22 luxury cars found abandoned in warehouse – including £550,000 Ferrari and SIX Porsches

Discover 22 luxury vehicles, including Porsches and a Ferrari, found abandoned in a warehouse, awaiting restoration and resale in Belgium.
the abandoned luxury cars discovered in warehouse which were found in central Brussels.

22 luxury vehicles have been found abandoned in an old warehouse, including six Porsches and a Ferrari worth £550,000.

And one of them – a Porsche 911 – was even reportedly used in a bank robbery.

Xavier Molenaar, a classic car specialist, was contacted by the owner to value the vehicles.

Arriving at the building, he was told the cars had been sitting for a long time, being left to rust away.

“It was a load of highly rare Ferraris and Porsches,” Xavier, from Belgium, told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

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the man who discovered the abandoned luxury cars in a warehouse in central Brussels.
Xavier Molenaar. (Picture: Jam Press)

“Despite the fact that they had all been sitting idle for a long time, they seemed to have weathered the passage of time well under the respective covers.”

Xavier counted 16 Ferraris and six Porsches in total, covered with tarpaulins, with one stand-out vehicle.

He said: “What stood out was the large number of Ferrari Testarossa.

“The famous sports car from amongst other things Miami Vice, in rare colours and versions.

“Additionally, the Porsche 911 was well represented with rare air-cooled Turbo and ‘S’ models, which were the fastest of their time.

one of the abandoned luxury cars discovered in warehouse which were found in central Brussels.
Porsche 911. (Picture: Jam Press)

“Although these models have disappeared from the streets for decades and have been the subject of intense searches by collectors, they are occasionally encountered at a fair.

“However, such a concentration of the same models is rarely seen.”

The rarest car in the collection was a Ferrari 365 GT4 BB, but there was also a Ferrari 550 Maranello, a 575M and a F512M.

He added: “It is known to connoisseurs as the precursor and race homologation model of the BB512.

“In its yellow colour, only 10 were said to be made, and in this exceptional unrestored condition, it is perhaps the only one in the world.”

The cars were found in central Brussels and then expertly moved to Oldtimerfarm, Aalter, in Belgium, where they will be restored to their former glory one by one before being put up for sale.

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