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Maths teacher left in stitches after student gives them hoodie covered in quotes from lessons

A maths teacher has been left in stitches after a student gave him a hoodie…

Chloe Cawood Chloe Cawood 2 Min Read

Luxury villa shaped like UFO for sale at £6.5M

Join the aliens with extra-terrestrial living in this one-of-a-kind luxury villa, shaped exactly like an…

Katie Dollard Katie Dollard 2 Min Read

‘I am the LIMB LENGTHENING doctor – more men than ever seek my help because being taller makes them more attractive’

A surgeon who offers shocking ‘limb lengthening’ surgery to make people taller has revealed that…

Sam Coffey Sam Coffey 3 Min Read

Three huge boats appear to float in air due to mind-bending illusion

Three huge boats appear to be floating in the air thanks to a mind-bending optical…

Katie Dollard Katie Dollard 2 Min Read

Mum hailed hero after making identical hearing aids for son’s toy doll

A mum has been hailed a ‘hero’ online after creating hearing aids for her son’s…

Katie Dollard Katie Dollard 3 Min Read

Factors to Consider Before Using Hair Removal Cream during Pregnancy

Can You Use Hair Removal Cream When Pregnant? Pregnancy is the time when your body…

Joseph Vaughan Joseph Vaughan 9 Min Read


A self-made millionaire claims the vast majority of people working "soul-destroying" 9-to-5 jobs are “mindlessly…

Ria Newman Ria Newman 6 Min Read

Woman, 20, died after eating ‘vegan’ tiramisu mistakenly made with mascarpone

Young woman's tragic death highlights the risks of food allergies as she unknowingly consumes dairy…

William McGee William McGee 2 Min Read

Couple buy ‘dilapidated’ villa untouched since 1950s and turn it into dream family home – adding £640,000 to property value

A woman has revealed how she and her husband transformed a “dilapidated” villa into a…

Sam Coffey Sam Coffey 9 Min Read

‘People scream and children cry when they see my paralysed face – but I love the way I look’

Embrace Tiffany's empowering journey as she challenges stereotypes and spreads awareness about Moebius syndrome, embracing…

Katie Dollard Katie Dollard 5 Min Read

Bing Crosby’s luxury estate visited by JFK goes on sale for $4.5 million – complete with 17 golf courses and attached casita

Bing Crosby's luxurious estate where he hosted John F. Kennedy has gone on sale for…

JacobNTK JacobNTK 2 Min Read
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‘How do I come back from this?’: Woman’s botched haircut leaves TikTok users in stitches

A woman has gone viral after a trip to the hairdresser went horribly wrong –…

Emmie Norton Emmie Norton 5 Min Read

Meet Lilith Vampyre a real life blood drinking Vampiress who claims she is 600 years old

Lilith Vampyre aka the ‘Dame of Darkness’ is a 27-year-old vampire, working a ‘normal 9-5…

JacobNTK JacobNTK 5 Min Read

Why You Should Choose Thailand Over Barbados for Your Christmas Winter Sun Getaway

Fancy swapping the cold UK winter for some tropical bliss this Christmas? While Barbados has…

Ben Nicholls Ben Nicholls 12 Min Read

‘Don’t go there alone’: Inside creepy abandoned hospital with ‘HELP’ written on the walls

An urban explorer has shared his find – an abandoned hospital with human blood still…

Ben Nicholls Ben Nicholls 5 Min Read

Woman shot dead in street after reporting plastic surgeon over ‘botched lipo op’

A young woman was shot dead after reporting a botched liposuction procedure in Mexico City.…

Lee Bullen Lee Bullen 2 Min Read

Ancient human remains with HEART-SHAPED skulls uncovered

A team of researchers have uncovered the remains of 16 humans – finding them with…

Sam Coffey Sam Coffey 3 Min Read