Mum transforms body in nine months and loses six stone – after pregnancies left her ‘out of control’ with food

A mum has transformed her body in just nine months by losing six stone – after her pregnancies left her feeling “out of control” around food.

A mum has transformed her body in just nine months by losing six stone – after her pregnancies left her feeling “out of control” around food.

Chelsea Titus, 33, from California, US, had battled with fluctuating weight for her whole life, but believes it became a more serious issue after the birth of her two children.

In November 2019 the eyelash extension artist weighed 16st 5lbs and hated how she looked but, despite trying “every diet out there”, she struggled to shift the extra pounds.

Chelsea Titus before and after her surgery. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I would eat anything and everything and was always trying to hit rock bottom and saying I would ‘start tomorrow’,” Chelsea, who is mum to eight-year-old daughter Charlie and six-year-old son Crew, told Jam Press.

“Fast food was my go-to and my weakness.

“As a busy mum on the go, we were eating fast food one to two times a day, and I would binge eat every time because my head would tell me this was the last time.

“Through each pregnancy and having babies we were eating poorly. I would make pastas, bread, sweets – anything and everything.

“We love to go out to eat and would order appetisers, meals, desserts and then eat whatever the kids had leftover.

“Food was definitely my comfort – I ate when I was happy, sad, stressed.

Chelsea Titus with partner Donny and children Charlie and Crew before and after her transformation. (Picture: Jam Press)

“My weight was getting out of control and I knew it was time to make a change that would help me with my problem, and help me be the person I was inside hiding underneath all that extra weight.

“Family and friends would say I looked ‘uncomfortable’ and people would always tell me I had a pretty face.

“After my cousin had weight loss surgery, it inspired me. I always thought it was for people who weighed 600lbs but I was shocked to see that I qualified for it.

“I had tried every diet out there, and always failed or lost weight but then gained it back and more.

Chelsea Titus with son Crew and daughter Charlie now. (Picture: Jam Press)

“I followed so many girls on Instagram [who had weight loss surgery] and watched their stories and for the first time I really thought ‘I can do this’.”

Spurred on, Chelsea booked to have a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) in May 2020.

The surgery works by removing part of the stomach, while the remainder is formed into a tube-like structure that is unable to hold as much food. It also produces less of the appetite-regulating hormone ghrelin, lessening the desire to eat.

Chelsea said: “My surgery took a couple hours and I was in the hospital for four days because of a bleed, and I was given three blood transfusions before they sent me home.

“I had no complications after that, but recovery was rough – more mental than physical.

“You have completely changed your life and there is no going back.”

The result of the surgery meant that, for the first time, Chelsea felt in control around food and was able to limit herself to healthy portions without counting calories or sticking to restrictive diets.

She changed her diet from processed fast food to eating protein shakes, salads, meat and vegetables.

In nine months, the weight dropped off and she lost a total of 6st 4lbs, bringing her weight down to 10st.

Chelsea said: “Everything is more amazing then I could have imagined.

“I always thought it would be nice to have clothes fit well and to be healthier but I had no idea how much that weight was holding me back as a person.

“I am so much more confident now and loving this new chapter of life.”

Now, the mum finds she is full of energy and better able to keep up with her children.

She said: “I have so much more energy to run and keep up with my kids, not only that but I notice I am more present with them now.

“I was always so worried about my weight and kind of just stayed back and watched life, but now I’m actually living it right alongside them.

Chelsea is now planning to have surgery to remove the loose skin she has been left with on her stomach – a part of the weight loss process that she hasn’t shied away from sharing with her 18,000 followers on Instagram (@mama.gets.sleeved).

Sharing a before and after shot of her throughout her journey, Chelsea urged her followers to keep going with their own efforts.

One follower commented: “What an amazing transformation!!! You are crushing it!!!”

Another user called her an “inspiration”.

Someone else said: “Such an amazing accomplishment.”

“You look amazing,” another fan agreed.

Chelsea added: “I’m 90lbs down and I still love food – I have just found better, healthier ways to create some of my favourites.

“I’m no longer dieting or starving myself. I have all my favourite foods just in smaller portions and I don’t feel like I’m missing out ever.

“Food no longer controls my life and that’s something I never thought I would be able to say.”

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